RIP Brad, You Won’t Be Forgotten

I was going through some stuff up at home and I came across a warning notice that Brad had given me earlier in the year. I was pulled over by him after leaving the valley tavern after accidentally running a light on Germantown pike..I was the designated driver so I was sober lol. A good friend of mine had just come back from deployment from Afghanistan and we went there the weekend after he got back. After all the routine police questions that would be asked by an officer at 2am on a Saturday night, we all got into about a half hr conversation with him, mainly my buddy about his time in the service. The thing I remembered best about him was the joy he had talking with us, and my friends desire to join the police academy once he got settled back into civilian can tell a lot from a person you don’t know just by a random conversation, and I can say from what I witnessed that night, that Brad was a great man, who loved his job, and his country. RIP Brad, you won’t be forgotten.

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