Lake Placid 2013

Every year, my brother, TJ and I go to Lake Placid for our annual Mens League Ice Hockey Tournament. We didn’t really talk about it, but we all had the same idea. All 3 of us put our BF patches on our jerseys, and brought all of the Brad Fox T-Shirts we had to support our brother and the Fox Family.

– Tom D’Aurizio

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  1. admin says:

    I use to work with Brad at Paul’s Plumbing Supply where Tom Fox, Jimmy Fox and my uncle also worked. We had so many good times there together. For years we worked side by side. Ok maybe we played a lot of those years there also. Saturday morning breakfast sandwiches from the Candlwycke or Bucks bagels. He was there for me thru a lot of hard times. To keep my mind off of things even if it was just for 8 hours. Miss you old friend. Think about you all the time. Keep my uncle Frank on his toes up there till I get there.

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