Miss You Terribly

Danny and I were driving home from my moms today and he said he misses you more than the entire galaxy. He said that he knows that you are in heaven and you are safe now. We had a quick cry and then laughed about broccoli juice! We got home to find Jim standing out on the back balcony. He somehow managed to lock himself out. I opened the door for him to find out that he had been out there for over two hours with no phone to call me. I fell to the floor and busted out laughing and immediately felt sad because you are the first person that I would have to call to tell that story to.

I know you would have had a field day with that one but don’t worry Brad I had a good laugh enough for the both of us. I asked him what you would have asked him which is why he didn’t jump down, but he said he didn’t think he could make it down from the second floor without hurting himself. The look that he gave me while I continued to laugh hysterically would have been the same look you would have given to Lynsay had that happened to you. I know you would have immediately made note of that for your speech for our wedding! I miss you terribly and think of you every day. Love you!

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