I’m Going To Miss You, Brad!

There’s so many different thoughts and memories that come to my mind when I think about Brad.  Maybe it’s all the fun times that we spent at the Fox’s on Christmas where we drink, eat, blast ridiculous music, and watch Brad and Jim mess with their dad. Trust me, that never gets old.

However, the one story that sticks out in my mind the most is a story that I think depicts who Brad was perfectly.


We were in Atlantic City for one of our friends Bachelor Parties at the Showboat Casino.  There was a bunch of us there from our group of friends that we call, “The Wu.”  After some hotel shenanigans, we all headed down for dinner before we started the night.  I had come home for the weekend from college for the bachelor party and being a hockey player himself, Brad was very interested to hear about how my college team was shaping up and what I expected from my Senior season.  Brad and I had made our way outside on the boardwalk to continue talking about college, hockey, and just random stuff as Brad normally like to get off tangent when we had talked.  As always, Brad was always quick to crack jokes despite having a serious conversation.  When we headed back inside, Brad led the way, and I could see on the door one of those little diagrams showing to pull the door toward you, not push.  It even said “PULL,” in big bold letters.  Naturally, Brad pushed and walked straight into the glass door.  After taking a few steps back to regain his footing, he looked at me and said, “Let’s not tell anyone else about that.”  Of course, being the person that I am and still giggling like a little girl when we got back to everyone else, I told them all.  I knew what was coming, a few shots to the ribs and a couple of dead arms, because both Brad and his brother Jim were like my brother, and things like that were for sure brotherly love.


Little things like that are definitely what I am going to miss most about Brad.  He was a friend to everyone and made you feel like he really cared about what was going on in your life.  Brad was not just a friend to me, but he truly is the only person I have ever met that I can call a Hero.


I’m going to miss you, Brad.


Little Dauriz

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